February At a Glance

February, 5 – Snow-White Theatre Play
Children are invited to watch the theatre play “ Snow white”, the beautiful and kindhearted princess who charms every creature in the kingdom except one – her jealous stepmother, the Queen.

February, 6 – The crazy hat maker’s parade
Hats on, everybody! The crazy hat maker’s parade is the ultimate challenge! Children are kindly requested to bring an old hat or a cap that could be decorated and be worthy of a magnificent parade!

February, 9 – Staff Training Day – SNS Closed
No school day.

February, 14 – Valentine’s Post Office
You’ve got mail… The Post Office is a wonderful way to develop early writing skills in a way that is both fun and engaging!

February, 16 – Chinese New Year
Multicultural education is important for our kids. We are a part of a very big world and the more we learn about it, the better!


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