Welcome back to school!

Dear Springfield Parents and Community,

As a Principal of Springfield Nursery School, it is my absolute pleasure to welcome everyone back for another glorious year at Springfield. We are all quite excited to have all our students back in our classrooms freshly decorated for a new and extraordinary school year.
This school year we will again be working extremely hard to establish our school as a happy, challenging, and safe learning environment. You and your child will be working equally hard to make this year a successful and rewarding experience too. Therefore, we encourage you to take the time and discuss with your child what he/she is learning and reinforce that learning at home.

We would also like to introduce to you the new members of our team: Andra Mărgeanu – teacher assistant who will be working with the Silver class along Mrs Adriana Buciumanu who will be in charge with the freshly kindergarten graduates and new primary student from Silver, Veronica Cristea – teacher assistant who will be joining the preschool team at Pink class, and Miruna Ciobotaru – teacher assistant who will be working with 5-6 years of age groups. Laura Tudor and Mirabela Popescu have chosen another career path. We wish them all the luck in the world and we offer them our gratitude for their splendid contribution to our development as an institution!

On the other hand, please do not forget that there is a lot of information on our website (https://springfieldeducation.ro/). We entered dates for all events and activities into the Calendar feature of our website. Also, check your emails regularly, to be updated with the latest news. Additionally, we have the Facebook account (https://www.facebook.com/educatiaincepecutine/) that we will use to send out quick announcements as we go through the school year.

I am honoured to serve as principal of Springfield Nursery School. I hope you feel comfortable approaching me with any questions, thoughts, or concerns you may have. Please feel free to contact me via email or phone, or simply stop by my office.

Once again, welcome back! Let’s make it another great year at Springfield together!

Mihaela White

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